The Painter - Available 11th July 2019

Deirdre has spent the last year working on her third novel ‘The Painter’. This novel will explore how the innate creativity of any artist – in this case – ‘The Painter’ can be corrupted by a desire for fame, approval and wealth.


In a desire to impress the people who visit his workshop, renowned artist The Painter, employs a gardener to create an inspirational landscape which includes a labyrinth, an orange grove and Moorish-inspired fountains.

They develop an intimate relationship and the Painter, whose life and talent had become increasingly dissipated, finds himself slowly recovering his original innocence and talent. However, the relationship is tainted by the Painter's jealousy when visitors express more interest in the magical garden and mysterious labyrinth than in the Painter's art. That jealously blossoms into deadly rage when The Painter catches the gardener changing one of his paintings....and he realises something must be done!  Deirdre Quiery's compelling new thriller explores themes of love, life and deceit, and examines the lengths we will go to pursue and protect our passions.

What happens next? You will need to read the book.

Publishing DAte

11th 2019


Urbane Publications


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