Published by Urbane Publications in June 2017

As a child myths and symbols fascinated me. As an adult I grew to also love synchronicity – that nothing is a coincidence – we fall into patterns of relationship which have meaning. For example, I bought a notebook for 2017 in which I wanted to write my thoughts and inspirations for my third novel. The cover is filled with the writing of the author Balzac who lived (1799-1850). The writing on the cover shows neat scribbles with lines through words. Overall it looks like more lines through words, than words left on a page.

It reminded me of editing ‘The Secret Wound’ over Christmas 2016 and the New Year 2017. I would get up at five in the morning and begin the editing process. While the world celebrated with friends and family, I worked with my husband Martin editing and watched the sky lightening. There was little to pull me away from the process of sinking into the world of ‘The Secret Wound’ and carving it into shape with the exception that I had become fascinated by Balzac. I allowed this to be my single distraction. 

I looked again at his fearless ‘x’-ing out of paragraphs, his inserting of drawings like windows into his scrip, his wavy lines linking up one paragraph with another. I discovered that he had several career moves – starting as an apprentice in a law office, attempting to be a publisher, printer, business man, critic, and politician and had failed in all of these. I loved the man even more. 

I started out selling buns in the ‘Nutty Krust’ bakery in Lurgan, Northern Ireland after studying Spanish and Portuguese at Leeds University. Then I worked for a while in an Estate Agency as a Secretary. I loved organising everything – all the filing cabinets and systems but when a builder came in one day and asked me to get him a cup coffee, I told him to get it himself. I knew that I wasn’t suited to that job. I became a Nurse for a while and enjoyed working on a surgical word – in particular helping a young guy who had come of his bicycle and was pierced like a sausage on a railing – get ready for theatre. I later was a clerk in a Building Society, then a District Manager with sales targets and teams to work with, then a Strategic Account Manager in a Global Talent Consultancy and a Consultant delivering Leadership workshop around the world. I studied for a Masters in Consciousness Studies and fourteen years ago left the UK behind to write in Mallorca. 

Balzac’s characters are morally ambiguous and fully human. He liked to use detail to create his characters as real people – neither fully good nor fully evil. In writing ‘The Secret Wound’ – that is what I wanted to do – to enter the expatriate community within Mallorca and to explore the intricate web of human relationships where my characters would be neither fully good, nor fully evil – although some you will see are more wounded than others.  

‘The Secret Wound’ tells the story of turmoil and chaos that unfolds over forty days within the expatriate community in Soller, Mallorca. Secrets from the past are revealed. Truth emerges and relationships are changed forever. 

'The Secret Wound' is now available for pre-order on Amazon and can be found by clicking here.