The Painter

Deirdre in 2017 is working on her third novel with a working title of ‘The Painter’. This novel will explore how the innate creativity of any artist – in this case – ‘The Painter’ can be corrupted by a desire for fame, approval and wealth. ‘The Painter’ comes into a close relationship with his Gardener. Both of their worlds will be changed forever.


'The Painter' follows an artist who's natural ability for painting leads to enormous success. After hiring a gardener to perfect his garden for dignitaries, who are coming to view his art, he is soon struck by jealously when those same dignitaries are more entranced by the garden.

This jealously continues to grow when one night, after imbibing absinthe and asleep on the sofa, The Painter opens his eyes to see The Gardener painting over his paintings. He realises that The Gardener’s talent is much greater than his and something must be done. 

What happens next? You will need to read the book.

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Urbane Publications


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